Was born in Como on the 1st of October 1890; died on the 23rd of December 1973.

Binaghi was a world renowned painter, who was distinguished for his popular gentle figure, that in Como never passed unnoticed.

Binaghi was an original and generous person, always ready to give a helping hand to those who needed it.

e was a true mountaineer and a lover of its landscapes. He participated in several expeditions, two of which in the Andes (A.D. 1934), that greatly influenced His paintings.

Among his work arts there is the study and the making of Canditfrucht’s logo. Its’ colours resemble the colours of the fruits that we process (blood oranges and cherries, lemons and citron) and the logo, which is a cherry, represent as well the initial of Canditfrucht’s name.

His piece of art work, which we are proud to have, in its simplicity and linearity still maintains today, after 50 years, a modern image and look, sign of a centred artistic work.
orange Moon
Anuga 2011