Cassatina di ricotta - 2- ( Cottage cheese)
Origine: Puglia - Italy
Tipo di portata: Dessert

Cottage cheese 11 oz., almonds 5 oz., icing sugar 9.6 oz., sugar 8 oz., candied fruit 1.6 oz., chocolate bar 1.6 oz., sponge cake, almond paste, liquor Alchermes, 1 lemon , powder cinnamon.

take a few almonds and let them toast in the oven, then grind them. Throw the rest of the almonds in a boiling pot for a few minutes, then peel them, grind them and beat them in the mortar.
Caramel the sugar ( add couple of spoons of water in the pan).
Use one slice of the sponge cake, immerged in the Alchemes, to line the moulds.
In a big bowl put the cottage cheese, the grinded almonds and those beat in the mortar, the candied fruit cut in little cubes and the caramel. Add then a little cinnamon and the grinded lemon peel, then add the chocolate bar cut in tiny pieces.
Stir just a touch all the ingredients together (the cottage cheese has to remain white), then with the mixture fill all the moulds that have been prepared with the sponge cake.
Put everything in the refrigerator so that the cakes can harden, then extract the cakes from the molds, cover them with a thin layer of almond paste.
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