Cassatina di ricotta ( Cottage cheese)
Origine: Puglia - Italy
Tipo di portata: Dessert

Cottage cheese 7 oz., almonds 5 oz., sugar 5 oz., candied fruit 1 oz., chocolate 1 oz., sponge cake 4 slices, almond paste 1.6 oz., Alchermes 2 glasses, grinded ½ lemon peel , a pinch of cinnamon , a pinch of salt.

immerge in boiling water for one minute the almonds, drain and peel them. Then put them to dry in the oven 360° F, let them cool off and cut them finely.
In a pot put the sugar, with little water, and let it caramelize.
Mix the cottage cheese, the salt, the almonds, the candied fruit cut in small cubes, the caramel, the cinnamon, the grinded lemon peel and the sliced chocolate.
Mix everything together and stuff it in 4 moulds just about 3.2 in. Each that you have previously lined with the sponge cake immerge in the Alchermes.
Let them cool off in the refrigerator, then turn them upside-down and cover them with the almond paste.
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