Mandarine "Risotto"
Origine: -
Tipo di portata: Dessert

3 Organic Mandarins, well washed
500 gr carnaroli or arboreo rice
80 gr butter
1 grinded shallot
1,5 lt vegetal soup
½ glass of dry white wine
Fennel a bit
4 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper


Roast the rice in a wide pan in which you had already roast the minced shallot in 40 gr. of butter, over low fire.

After few minutes sprinkle the rise with the white wine.

Pour the soup slowly and cook for a quarter of an hour. Add salt, pepper and then add the grated rind and juice of the two Mandarins, together with some wild fennel.

Keep cooking, mixing every now and then till the rice is cooked. Remove the pan from the fire and whisk with butter and Parmesan

To garnish, remove the Mandarin’s pips and skins and put them on the rice.

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Anuga 2011