Origine: Puglia (Italy)
Tipo di portata: Dessert

White flower 15oz., refined sugar 3.2 oz., butter 2.1 oz.( softened), yeast 0.35 oz., 2 eggs, ½ lemon peel, salt, olive oil to fry, cream pasticcera, a few sour cherry in syrup.

Melt the yeast in some tepid water and add it with the flower and salt ; Make a homogeneous mixture and let it rise in a tepid place for at least 1 hour.
Add the sugar, the butter, the eggs and the lemon peel and work it into a smooth dough.
Cover with flower the pastry-board, then make some small doughnuts and let them rise, for just about 1 hr, covered with a towel.
Start the fire on two different burners (one with a low and the other one with a high flame) and place on each two tall pots with the olive oil ( it should be abundant).
Fry the Zeppole ( 2/3 per time) , first in the semi-hot oil and let them rise, then drain them and dip them into the hot oil pot. When they are of a nice golden color, drain them and lay them on some blotting paper to eliminate the extra oil.
On a serving dish display the Zeppole, pour the cream on top and add in the center the sour cherries in syrup. To be served hot and dust with the powered sugar.
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