Origine: Umbria (Italy)
Tipo di portata: Dessert

Honey 14oz., white flower 9 oz., peeled almonds ( sliced ) 1.8 oz., mix candied fruit ( cubed) 3 oz., sugar (two tea spoons ), olive oil (two tea spoons), brandy ( half a glass), sunflower oil ( to fry, abundant ) - two eggs

Lightly mix the eggs in a terrine and work it with 2/3 of the flower in to dough; then amalgamate the sugar, the olive oil and the rest of the flower until you reach a soft dough that you will wrap in a piece of cloth. Let it then rest for ½ hour in a worm place.
Then cover with flower the pastry-board, and obtain from the dough a ¾ in. puff pastry, cut it in small sticks and then small pats.
Heat up the sunflower oil in a pan and fry until golden, a few at a time, the pats.
Pour the honey into a saucepan and let it heat up, take it off the fire as soon as it gets too colorful.
check the cooking by dropping a few drops into a glass of water, if they harden it means it is ready. Then take the saucepan of the fire, pour the fried pats into the pan, add the sliced almonds, the candied fruit and the brandy and stir everything together well.
Use the oil to grease the pudding mould ( use one with a central hole), then pour the mixture and level the surface, let it then rest for a few hours, until the honey is solid. Then turn the mould upside-down on a serving plate and decorate it with whole candied fruit pieces.

Note: this cake, born in Umbria, is found also in Abruzzo and Molise , to the point that to some, it is believed to be originally from Abruzzo.
It can also be prepared without the pudding mould, by pouring the mixture on a marble table and shaping it by hand that is then decorated with granulated sugar and sugared almonds.
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