Company’s Structure
Canditfrucht’s industrial site extends on an area of more than 18.800 square metres of land and is in continuous expansion. Equipped with the most modern citrus fruits transformation and conservation machineries it strives to be at the forefront of production technology. These system allow today for the gross annual transformation of the highest fruit quality of over 51.492 kgs of fruits (orange, lemon, citrus, mandarine).

Today’s Canditfrucht is a strong and successful industrial reality well rooted in the local as well as on the international markets. With an yearly average of 44 skilled and technically prepared employees still today, in a global and industrialized market, is able to offer those products that require particular care and attention, that only manual handcraft labour can give and guarantee.

Thanks to this latest technology equipment, and combined with the highest standards in hygiene control which have always been one of the company’s distinctive characteristics, Canditfrucht will continue to guarantee its Clients the highest quality products possible.
orange Moon
Anuga 2011